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Hi, I'm Dr. Alise Cortez

Founder of Gusto, Now!

What does “gusto” mean to you?  “Gusto” means something in all the languages we serve our clients in – English, Spanish and Portuguese – and often registers as having a keen enjoyment, passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness for going the “extra mile,” an urgency to persist and make things happen.  

Welcome to Gusto, Now!, your partner in human and organizational transformation. In today’s high-tech powered world, we equip organizations through leadership and management training to “double down on humanity” by activating meaning and purpose to elevate consciousness, emotional intelligence, and other higher attitudinal professional skills. We provide a toolkit mix of evidence-based personal and practical skills that teach your team members how to turn on their own intrinsic motivation and grow into their higher, more capable selves while dynamically delivering on your mission.

The results?  Ever-growing team members, greater wellbeing, impassioned performance, high engagement, creative innovation, and “sticky” retention – a “destination workplace.”

If this is the kind of organization and culture you want to operate your mission, we’re your partner. We are an American company grounded in Latin American values and expression and understand the power of activating the human spirit through meaning and purpose, with passion and agency.

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Only 23% of the world’s employees are engaged in their work.

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Companies with higher engaged employees are on average 21% more profitable.

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By 2030, over 50% of the workforce will be Gen Y  and Gen Z insisting on meaningful work with purpose.

Gusto, Now!
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Working with Gusto, Now! will shift 60%+ of your workforce to being engaged.


By 2030, over 50% of the workforce will be comprised of Generation Y (millennials) and Z (the youngest workers) who insist on meaningful work and being part of a purposeful organization.

Meaning and purpose are no longer “nice to have additives;” they’re essential if you want to remain relevant and grow. Our leadership and management training services will guide your team in that critical organizational transformation.


You need an eager, engaged, committed, productive, and innovative workforce to persevere in service of your company’s purpose and mission. And yet:

The Gallup Organization 2023 State of the Global Workforce report indicates that only 23% of the world’s employees are engaged in their work. What a waste of potential when you consider that businesses in the top quartile of Gallup’s database are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those at the bottom quartile.

Consider the profound impact for your organization when Gusto, Now! helps shift to 60% or more of your workforce to being “turned on” and engaged. Organizations that cultivate an environment that fosters meaning and purpose within individual employees and facilitates connection with the organization’s mission register high levels of productivity and innovation.


Purpose-led organizations have higher productivity and growth rates than non and are 6 times more attractive to investors who see their return on investment.

In other words, purpose pays and is worth building a culture around.

Organizational Consulting & Training

How We Can Help Your Organization

Power your organization with purpose + meaning

Culture Transformation

Equipping you to build a culture activated by meaning and purpose to unleash vibrant and inspired performance and innovation.

Training: Managers

Managing Through Meaning. Equipping you through leadership and management training to create an environment where “meaning” is an everyday experience that motivates and fulfills each team member while stewarding the workload.

Stakeholder Visioneering

Envision the tremendous energy you can harness when every stakeholder is in perfect alignment and is wholeheartedly enrolled supporting your company's purpose!

Training: Teams

Strengths-Based Teams program that helps each person discover and understand their strengths and find frequent ways to use them at work unleash passion and contribution.

Training: Executive Leaders

Vitally Inspired. Engagement, productivity and innovation skyrocket, as teams are motivated at their highest level through our leadership and management training to give their best to inspirational leaders like you.

Full Organization Training

Grab Your Gusto, a digital learning platform designed to nurture passion, inspiration, meaning, and purpose – vital ingredients for well-being and ongoing learning and development.

Current Training Offerings

Executive Leaders: Vitally Inspired: Living and Leading from Meaning and Purpose
It’s a new frontier, and thriving in today’s business world requires conscious, inspirational leadership, a keen understanding of the workforce’s needs and wants, and a whole, new cultural playbook anchored in meaning and purpose.
Learn More
Full Organization: Grab Your Gusto: Vitality and Well-Being from the Inside Out
A webcast learning platform (live and recorded) designed from Dr. Cortez’s Purpose Ignited book content to develop the capacity of each individual in the company to nurture passion, inspiration, meaning and purpose – vital ingredients for well-being. Customizable packages include weekly video webcasts, a library of audio podcasts, and experiential exercises to apply the learning.
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