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Want a gift? Is your organization equipped to operate in the purpose economy where team members crave meaningful work and the opportunity to grow into their full potential? Find out by downloading and completing the Best Practices to Vitalize through Meaning and Purpose to evaluate your organizational fitness for today’s times. Once you discover your score, let us know if our organizational consulting services can help.

Gusto Now! Organizational Engagement/Fulfillment Matrix

Gusto Now! organizational consulting and program content is evidence-based and augments the traditional topics many people did not receive in the K-12 years but are required for optimal health, wellbeing, performance effectiveness, and relational fulfillment including emotional intelligence, conflict navigation, cultivating joy/gratitude/wonder/awe, and inspirational leadership.

Ready to create your destination workplace and operate in a Gusto! culture? Where is your organization today? See if you can identify which of the four types of workplaces is yours.

Where would you like it to be? At the beginning of an engagement, we measure your current engagement and retention levels. The measures are taken again at 4-month intervals to assess the progress of our work together.

The Gusto, Now! Organizational Engagement/Fulfillment Matrix

High Meaning

- Low Impact


Walking Dead


Burn Out

+ High Impact

Low Meaning

Walking Dead

This is “a flat-line EKG” organization that has no heartbeat and operates transactionally in a black and white environment where employees trade their skills and energy for a paycheck. Characterized by:
  • It may run smoothly but has an emptiness feeling or shell, and is likely not growing. It’s the exact opposite of “coming alive” and Gusto!
  • Often led by outdated autocratic or command-and-control leaders in organizations with heavy and outdated human capital processes that suck the soul out of the people.
  • There is little meaningful exchange between management and employees. Benefits and pay are not tied to an organizational mission and are stripped down to the basics – people are trading their time for a paycheck.
  • The culture is characterized by fear, risk averse, old patterns and ways of thinking, not progressive. The same procedures and operations have been in place for years.
  • Low employee engagement and perform with little support or collaboration with fellow team members, as they don’t feel recognized or cared for as a human being by leaders with low emotional intelligence or evolved thinking.

Burn Out

This organization registers high productivity with little regard for the toll it takes on team members who are working beyond their capacity in exchange for monetary/rewards gain, work they enjoy, or job security. Characterized by:
  • Tends to do more with less, pay isn’t equitable, and recognition isn’t consistent or meaningful. This leads to a toxic culture where employees feel burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted.
  • Often seen in fast-moving industries such as retail, financial services, technology, healthcare, and the military, as well as newer businesses, such as start-ups. Also, organizations that have extended busy seasons last a good part of the year, with no built-in recovery time or restorative practices, fall into this quadrant.
  • The work may be aligned with an individual’s passion (which is why it’s listed toward high engagement potential), but the work structure and work environment are taxing on their health and well-being, causing team members to careen into survival mode, quit, or become sick.
  • The focus of the organization is on the customer or shareholder, and the culture does not practice recognition and provide mental health or wellbeing initiatives.
  • Results in an unhealthier workforce, lower engagement, higher attrition, more costly errors and issues, less collaboration, and a lack of innovation.


This is the static quadrant that most organizations today have been led to believe is the “gold standard.” They don’t know that there is a better way to design the workday or workplace. That there is a new Gusto! approach that nurtures the heart and spirit of employees to help them grow into their potential, better innovate, and develop and sustain meaningful relationships.
Characterized by:
  • An aspirant organization is an “okay” place to be because it has a neutral or “net zero” impact on an employee. It has adopted the “right” people mindset and measurements such as engagement and retention.
  • But much of their employee communications and actions are hit-and-miss when it comes to truly engaging and energizing their workforce over the long run.
  • Leadership and management training is in place to steward feedback, performance and succession planning but lacks anchoring in meaning and purpose to teach team members to turn on their own intrinsic motivation and feel the belong and are connected to the purpose of the organization.
  • Professional development opportunities for individual team members are in place to elevate team building and performance, but not on the level that develops emotional and relational intelligence to develop into higher consciousness and creative, connected team members who feel they are part of something really special.


Transforming your workplace culture into the Gusto zone is the highest standard that an organization can hold itself to – where a “destination workplace” can be created. It’s the one that is committed to creating, maintaining, and ever-evolving the workplace and employee experience, so the team is energized by their work and the purpose of the organization, ever learning, feel they are meaningfully connected and belong, and mentally and emotionally strong to perform well. Characterized by:
  • A Gusto! organization is an inspiring place to be, where collaboration is natural, and performance is always improving for the teams and individuals.
  • People understand the purpose and mission of the business, feel aligned, inspired, and included, and know how to move toward organizational goals in a more collaborative and creative way.
  • People are passionate about their work and their ongoing growth. There’s a supportive growth mindset that empowers everyone, from the top leaders to the newest employee, to constantly cultivate their own meaning, passion, enthusiasm, joy, gratitude, growth, learning, collaboration, and creativity.
  • High well-being, engagement, performance, innovation, and retention.
  • Belonging is powerfully experienced and further vitalizes each team member, where each is celebrated for their unique contribution. People feel a strong sense of pride in what the organization stands for both in business and in society and are remiss to leave.

Human and Organizational Transformation Consultancy Services Methodology

The organizational consulting services from Gusto Now! equips leaders to activate meaning and purpose in their organizations through a 4-part model. One or all may be applied, depending on your desired outcome.

Phase 1 – Enliven

Symptoms your company may benefit from this offering:
  • Low employee engagement
  • Poor employee performance
  • High attrition
  • Little to no innovation
  • Poor customer satisfaction
Consulting application:
  • Purpose and Culture assessment and analysis
  • Facilitated session to refine and align the team on Purpose, Mission, Vision statements


A clarified and shared understanding of the company’s Purpose, Mission, Vision that inspires increased commitment to the company and motivation to perform in service of its purpose.

Awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement in culture and operations.

Increased team solidarity, inspired to realize a brighter future together.

Phase 2 - Enlighten

Symptoms your company may benefit from this offering:

Leadership team is motivated to address issues learned in Phase 1 assessment to improve business operations.


Consulting application:

People process audit is performed to evaluate effectiveness and seek ways to better “humanize” the employee experience of recruitment, onboarding, training, promotion, recognition, etc.


Company has vital intelligence with actionable recommendations to improve the full employee experience and step on the path toward creating a culture anchored in meaning and purpose.

Phase 3 - Empower

Symptoms your company may benefit from this offering:

There is a gap between leadership and managerial acumen to steward a workplace anchored in meaning and purpose that is equipped to address issues identified in the Purpose/Culture assessment and people process audit.

Consulting application:

Vitally Inspired: Living and Leading Through Meaning and Purpose ™ program -- designed to awaken leaders to their passion and purpose and infuse inspiration into their leadership expression.

Managing Through Meaning ™ program -- teaches essential management practices like setting goals, delegating to grow the team, providing feedback that empowers, while further activating their ability to summon meaning in the everyday moments on the job.

Ongoing tracking and improvements application to people processes identified in Phase 2.


Inspiring leaders and managers of meaning are growing everywhere in the company, and they know that for all boats to rise and the company to realize its vision, so they are now activating the ongoing growth and development of each person’s potential.

Leaders have developed critical communication abilities to effectively enroll people into the company’s purpose and vision and inspire engagement and performance among all employees to realize its mission.

They have learned how to discover and activate meaning on a daily basis for themselves and for their team members to increase energy and motivation.

Phase 4 – Employ

Symptoms your company may benefit from this offering:

Collaboration with the larger ecosystem of all stakeholders is lackluster or conflicted

Leaders recognize the cultural transformation toward meaning and purpose requires enrolling and aligning all stakeholders to the company’s purpose, mission, and vision.

Consulting application:

Grab Your Gusto professional development and wellbeing program – weekly “mini” lessons teaching employees through short videos and application exercises to activate meaning, passion, and purpose delivered digitally to all employees (also offered as a stand-alone program).

Parliament of Purpose Assembly -- Leaders identify all stakeholders in the ecosystem and map their desired roles and contributions. A dynamic meeting among representatives of each of the stakeholder communities (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, partners, community members, and is facilitated to dynamically enroll and align on the company’s purpose, mission, and vision. “visioneer for a greater purpose” among all parties.

Ongoing Leadership Coaching – to support and fortify ongoing exercise of Vitally Inspired and Manage Through Meaning programs and address individual learning needs while guiding learning and discussion to their respective teams to apply Grab Your Gusto content.


Serving as an employee benefit/learning tool, the ongoing infusion of content arouses and “lifts” everyone in the company, stoking their appetite for ongoing growth and the further realization of their potential, while fortifying the company’s cultural transformation anchored in meaning and purpose.

Discover current and possible new ways of alignment and mutual support, creating a tighter, strong fabric among the stakeholder community to fortify company operations and realize its purpose toward its vision as executed through its mission.

Leaders and managers are increasingly equipped and sustained over time to continue nurturing their teams while growing themselves as inspirational, effective leaders stewarding a culture of meaning and purpose.

Stakeholder Visioneering

Imagine if you had your own “Parliament of Purpose.” You need all your stakeholders dynamically enrolled in living your purpose and delivering your mission. We help you identify representatives of all stakeholder communities in the ecosystem and map their desired roles and contributions.

We then facilitate a dynamic meeting among representatives of each of the stakeholder communities (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, partners, community members, to dynamically enroll and align on your company’s purpose, mission, and vision and “visioneer for a greater purpose” among all parties.  You will emerge with a unified plan to unify all stakeholders, enroll their hearts and minds, while fully living your company purpose.

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